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Barrie Spirit Catcher-Photo by Shawn M. Kent
Barrie Spirit Catcher-Photo by Shawn M. Kent

Designed by sculptor Ron Baird for the Vancouver World Expo in 1986, the Barrie Spirit Catcher has become an iconic feature of the cities waterfront. Influenced by Canadian indigenous oral storytelling, the sculpture references the Thunderbird a supernatural being of power and protection. The sculpture itself stands 21 metres tall and features 16 independent quills that move slightly in the wind. The Spirit Catcher is made of corten steel which does not flake when it rusts, and it has been deliberately rusted for aesthetic reasons. The sculpture was purchased by the Helen McCrea Peacock Foundation and donated to the MacLaren Art Centre in 1991.

The iconic piece is impressive in its design and size. Ron Baird’s masterful piece is a delight to photograph. Positioned at the banks of Lake Simcoe, the opportunities to photograph it, especially at sunset, are numerous.

(Barrie, Ontario, Canada)

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