Reversing Falls Bridge | New Brunswick Photo Spot

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Reversing Falls Bridge-Photo by Shawn M. Kent
In the heart of Saint John, New Brunswick, is a lovely trestle bridge that spans the reversing falls. The Reversing Falls bridge spans 190 meters across the gorge and connects the east and west sides of the cities. The bridge was built in 1915, and until the 1940s, it also carried streetcars across the river. The Reversing Falls is a unique phenomenon where the rapid moving tide of the Bay of Fundy collides with the flow of water from the Saint John River. At low tide, the river empties and creates rapids and whirlpools. But, as the tide rises, the waters calm in a slack tide. Find a great place to take photos of the bridge just below the parking area at a viewpoint. This photo location is gorgeous in autumn as the surrounding colours of the foilage start to change. (Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada)

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