Puffin Lookout by D Tan (Iceland Photo Spot)

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Puffin Lookout - Photo by D Tan
Puffin Lookout sits on the rugged edge of the Stórhöfði peninsula with its stunning views and coves filled with puffins. The peninsula is home to one of the biggest puffin breeding colonies in the world. This area is filled with these striking birds with their brightly coloured beaks and funny aeronautical antics. The puffins arrive at the end of April, looking for their mate and building holes to nest in (and sometimes fight each other for an existing one). Once they’ve settled, they start breeding and laying their eggs in May. The little puffins usually hatch early to mid-July. Around the middle of August the first puffin chicks are ready to leave their nests. The puffins leave early to mid September. They fly north towards Greenland for their winter residence. (Stórhöfði, Heimaey Island, Iceland)

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