Windjana Gorge by TerryT2 (Australia Photo Spot)

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Windjana Gorge - Photo by TerryT2
Windjana Gorge is one of Kimberley’s most stunning gorges, with water-streaked walls that rise majestically to heights of 100m. The Lennard River runs through Bandilngan (Windjana Gorge) in wet weather but forms pools surrounded by trees and shrubs during the dry season. Windjana Gorge is part of the Napier Range, the limestone remains of an ancient reef system that was formed around 350-375 million years ago. Spot the many freshwater crocodiles, fruit bats and corellas that call the gorge home as well as the fossilized remains of marine life from this period in the gorge walls. Freshwater crocodiles (freshies) are typically harmless, and those at Windjana Gorge seem very used to the daily visits in the dry season from photo-snapping humans – but do remember they are wild animals so be respectful, keep your distance and don’t get between them and the water. (Windjana Gorge National Park, Western Australia, Australia)

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