Uluru Rock - Australia Photo Spot

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Uluru Rock-Photo by Simon Naisch
Uluru Rock-Photo by Simon Naisch

Uluru Rock is one of the defining photo locations in the Australian outback. It is also known as Ayers Rock; however, Uluru is more common in the modern era. The sandstone formation rises 348 metres off the flat plains of the Australian outback and is approximately 9.4 kilometres in circumference. The area around the rock has several water springs, caves, rock formations and ancient indigenous paintings.

Uluru Rock is sacred to the indigenous peoples of Australia and is located in a protected area in  Uluṟu-Kata Tjuṯa National Park.

Photographing the iconic rock formation is easy from this location on the western side, especially if you want to get a sunrise shot of Uluru. Also, note that the rock’s colour changes depending on the time of day you take pictures. It will transition from orange to red and even lavender at blue hour. Raked lighting during the morning or later afternoon on partly cloudy days will be best to highlight the texture of the rock. We recommend sunrise over sunset as there will be fewer people and crowds and the sun will come up over the eastern horizon. Be sure to bring a tripod and photograph the famous Uluru (a.k.a. Ayers) Rock formation from this great photo spot.

(Petermann, NT, Australia)