Lower Yellowstone Falls Viewpoint by concrete&fells (Wyoming Photo Spot)

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Lower Yellowstone Falls Viewpoint - Photo by concrete&fells

The Lower Falls in Yellowstone is a photographer’s treat. Situated along the Yellowstone River, this lookout is ideally located for photography and offers stunning panoramic views of the surrounding area. The falls empty into the Yellowstone Grand Canyon. The Yellowstone falls cascade down over 300-ft, and these wide falls will take your breath away. This viewpoint is just a short walk from the parking lot, and while parking can be a challenge (it’s a popular spot), arriving early or late is a good plan for photographing the iconic falls. We recommend a later arrival as the sunsets here can be spectacular. IN our opinion, these are the most photogenic waterfalls in Yellowstone National Park. (Yellowstone, Wyoming, USA)

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