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The Devil's Tower-Photo by Jim & Robin Kunze
The Devil's Tower-Photo by Jim & Robin Kunze

The Devil’s Tower is an ancient sacred site to the indigenous peoples of Wyoming. The hexagonal formation stands 867 feet tall and is a popular destination for climbing enthusiasts. The Devil’s Tower is also the first National Monument in the United States, earning that designation in 1906. According to indigenous legend, the rock was formed when some bears chased two girls out playing. They climbed atop a rock and prayed for the Great Spirit to save them in an attempt to escape. Hearing their prayers, the Great Spirit raised the stone to the sky to protect the girls. Furious, the bears left their claw marks on the side of the rock that can still be seen today. Geologists suggest that the Devil’s Tower was formed as a laccolith as part of a great sea bed during the Triassic period. The Devil’s Rock is a fascinating part of nature and is easily visited. There is parking, a visitors centre and numerous trails in and around the formation.

(Devils Tower, Wyoming, USA)

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