Historic Jackson House Log Cabin by Cindy Shebley (Washington Photo Spot)

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Historic Jackson House Log Cabin - Photo by Cindy Shelbley

The historic Jackson House is a homestead cabin built in 1850 by John R. Jackson. John R. Jackson was one of the first Euro-Americans to settle in the area and essential in early Washington territorial history. The cabin was constructed midway along the Cowlitz Trail, which joined Oregon City (then the Oregon Territory’s capital) and Puget Sound. This location made Jackson’s House a stopping-off point, and traders travelling the route would stop here to rest and conduct business. As travel increased, Jackson eventually built other outbuildings. As a result, the house began to serve different purposes, including a post office, grocery store, hotel, tavern, and even a U.S. District Court. After Jackson died in 1873, the cabin was abandoned until being rebuilt and restored by a women’s group in 1915. The land surrounding became one of Washington State’s two parks that same year. (Chehalis, Washington, USA)

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