Supreme Court | Washington D.C. Photo Spot

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Supreme Court of the United States-Photo by Tim Mossholder

The Supreme Court of the United States, located on First Street Northeast in Washington, D.C., is a distinguished photography destination that embodies the essence of American justice. Designed by architect Cass Gilbert and completed in 1935, the building boasts a neoclassical style, featuring a grand marble façade, towering Corinthian columns, and intricate friezes. The emblematic bronze doors and the building’s impressive interior, including the Great Hall and the Courtroom, provide a wealth of photographic opportunities for architecture and history enthusiasts. The well-manicured grounds and nearby Capitol Reflecting Pool add to the aesthetic appeal of this iconic location. For photographers seeking to document the majesty of American law and its architectural splendor, the Supreme Court is an unmissable destination.

(Washington, D.C., USA)