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Towers of the Virgin Zion National Park-Photo by AirHaake
Towers of the Virgin Zion National Park-Photo by AirHaake

The Towers of the Virgin in Zion National Park are an impressive series of stone monoliths that are a fantastic photo location. This view is easily accessible by visiting the Zion Human History Museum along the Zion-Mount Caramel Highway. Behind the museum is a patio area with outstanding views. Almost any time of year is an excellent time to photograph the Towers of Virgin, as even in the winter months, you may be lucky enough to capture a light dusting of snow on the landscape. It is best to arrive early as this location has become quite popular since the advent of Instagram, and parking is limited. The good news is that even when the museum is closed, the observation decks are still accessible. Arriving early in the morning will result in the light cutting into the canyon from the east and add some character to the photos you take. Sunset photography in mid-late April will result in the sun setting directly behind the Towers of Virgin.

(Zion National Park, Utah, USA)

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