Rainbow Bridge National Monument (Utah Photo Spot)

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Rainbow Bridge National Monument - Photo by Bernard Spragg. NZ
Rainbow Bridge National Monument - Photo by Bernard Spragg. NZ

Take amazing photos of the Rainbow Bridge deep in the Lake Powell National Recreation Area. The Rainbow Bridge is a naturally formed geological arch that towers 294 feet off the canyon floor. It is one of the lesser-known geological wonders in the region, partly due to its relatively remote location.

Rainbow Bridge was all but inaccessible until lake Powell, an artificial reservoir, was created with the construction of the Glen Canyon Dam in the 1960s. Lake Powell has made the Rainbow Bridge a little more accessible to tourists who take the 7 hour Lake Powell boat tour. If you take the tour, you will find the Rainbow Arch is very accessible as the tours usually stop at a dock and then it is just a short hike on a well-maintained trail to the Rainbow Bridge. The more hardcore photographer can hike into the area by taking one of two remote trailheads on Navajo Mountain. These hikes last 3-4 days, so they are not for the casual adventurer.

Regardless of how you got to the Rainbow Bridge, it is without a doubt one of America’s natural wonders. Rainbow Bridge is believed to be the world’s highest natural bridge and the sixth-longest. The span of Rainbow Bridge is 234 feet, and at the top, it is 42 feet thick and 33 feet wide. As a bonus, there are also preserved dinosaur footprints nearby. Rainbow Bridge National Monument is a must-visit for the adventurous landscape photographer.

(Lake Powell, Utah, USA)

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