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Eastern State Penitentiary by Dan Fleury
Eastern State Penitentiary by Dan Fleury

Eastern State Penitentiary opened its doors on October 25th, 1829. Heralded as the world’s first true Penitentiary, it quickly became a template for mass incarceration featuring many modern advancements and amenities. The prison even had running water and heat before the White House.

It became somewhat of an attraction for notable celebrities and wealthy elites on opening. Charles Dickens, for example, was one of many visitors who toured the facility in the 19th century. These visitors often chatted with the prisoners in their cells, although friends and family were not permitted to visit.

Visitors are welcome to photograph the prison and take photos during regular public hours. However, a few photography rules must be followed and are found on the Penitentiary’s website. Essentially nudity, model shoots and videography are not permitted during public hours. Photographers who wish to bring a tripod (which we recommend) will need to purchase an equipment pass for $10.

(Philidelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)

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