Wyndcliffe Mansion by Jess Mann (New York Photo Spot)

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Wyndcliffe Mansion-Photo by Jess Mann

One of the most photogenic abandoned ruins in the United States, Wyndcliffe Mansion is stunning. This Gothic and Norman-style multi-storey brick building was built for New York City socialite Elizabeth Schermerhorn Jones (1810-1876) as a summer residence and weekend escape. In its heyday, the Wyndcliffe mansion was so opulent and extravagant that some suggest this building was the origin of the phrase “keeping up with the Jones’s” as others in New York’s socialite upper class tried to match Elizabeth Jones’s lavish display of wealth. However, the Wyndcliffe mansion was initially known at Rhinecliffe for its proximity to Rhinebeck, NY.

Wyndcliffe Mansion once had 24 rooms and featured a tall tower that overlooked the approximately eighty acres that made up the estate in the Hudson Valley. Today it is slowly crumbling and abandoned. The roof and stairwells have given way, and all that remains is are some photographically inspiring archways and the imposing tower. Visit at your own risk as the location may be private property, and trespassing inside is not allowed.

(Rhinebeck, New York, USA)

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