Bethesda Terrace and Fountain by Saketh Garuda (New York Photo Spot)

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Bethesda Terrace and Fountain - Photo by Saketh Garuda

One of the original features of the initial designs of Central Park, the Bethesda Terrace and Fountain is an iconic gathering place found in the heart of the southern end of the park. The Terrace and Fountain overlook The Lake water feature and are a popular photography and film location. The statue on the fountain is called the Angel of the Waters and was sculpted in 1868 by Emma Stebbins. Stebbins was the first woman to receive a commission for a major work of Art in New York City. The statue depicts the biblical story from the Gospel of John about the Pool of Bethesda, where an angel came down periodically and gave the waters healing powers. (New York, New York, USA)

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