Alien Throne by John Fowler (New Mexico Photo Spot)

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Alien Throne by John Fowler
Alien Throne is an amazing hoodoo that was slowly formed by erosive forces like wind, rain, and flowing water beating away at the stacked layers of soft and hard rock. Alien Throne stands in the Valley of Dreams, a remote field of hoodoos in the northwestern New Mexico badlands. It’s filled with petrified wood — even petrified trunks and branches — and is rich with fossils. These rock formations are accessible along the Valley of Dreams Loop and the road to the trailhead can be quite rough so a 4×4 or atleast high clearance vehicle may be needed. Be sure to bring a map or GPS, the trail is not clearly marked and it is quite easy to get lost in this rugged terrain. While shooting and exploring in this area please remember to be respectful of the land and the structures – leave the area just as you found it for other photographers and hikers to enjoy. There is a great trail description here — (Ah-Shi-Sle-Pah Wildnerness Study Area, New Mexico, USA)

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