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Carhenge | Photo by Mobilus In Mobili
Carhenge | Photo by Mobilus In Mobili

Carhenge is a bizarre take on the famous England Stonehenge and uses old cars constructed to mirror its rock-based cousin. The work of Jim Reinders, the outdoor art installation, contains 38 vintage automobiles arranged in a circle 29 metres in diameter. Carhenge also features several other auto-themed sculptures painted with various spray paint colours.

Imagined by Jim Reinders in 1987, it paid tribute to his father and was based on Jim’s detailed notes following a visit to the actual Stone Henge previously. With car-based sculptures, the area is officially known as the Car Art Reserve but is still known by most as Carhenge.

Visiting the site is free, but a quick stop in the gift shop will help preserve this fantastic example of American folk art kitsch.

(Alliance, Nevada, USA)

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