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Bannack Ghost Town - Photo by Spend A Day Touring, LLC
Bannack Ghost Town - Photo by Spend A Day Touring, LLC
Bannack is one of the best-preserved ghost towns in the American West. With approximately 50 buildings still standing it is a veritable photographer’s playground. The town was founded in the 1860s when John White discovered gold in Grasshopper Creek, a small slow-moving creek that snakes along behind the remains of the town.
Bannack’s gold was a big deal at the time for its rare purity. Where most gold that was being discovered at the time had a purity of 95%, the gold found at Bannack was 99% pure. Gold miners, civil war deserters, outlaws made up the town’s early residents. The town was known for its lawlessness and even inadvertently elected a gang leader, Henry Plummer, as Sheriff for a particular crime-ridden period. It got so bad in fact that the crime in Bannack was partly the reason for the formation of the Montana Vigilantes who metered out their own brand of justice. They hunted down and hanged 24 men including the notorious Sherrif Henry Plummer. Gallows still stand in the Bannack, a reminder of the rough origins of the Ghost Town.
Eventually, the gold dried up and the town became abandoned. Bannack was largely deserted by the 1940s, and in 1954 was declared a Montana State Park. Today over sixty of the original buildings still stand and visitors are welcome to visit. Check the hours before you visit as they change during the off season. More info can be found on the Banack Ghost Town Website here: Bannack State Park.
(Bannack, Montana, USA)

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