Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse | Maryland Photo Spot

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Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse-Photo by crudmucosa

The Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse is a historic and iconic landmark situated in the Inner Harbor of Baltimore, Maryland. Built in 1855, this lighthouse is the oldest screw-pile lighthouse in Maryland and once played a critical role in guiding ships through the treacherous waters of the Chesapeake Bay.

The lighthouse derives its name from the Seven Foot Knoll sandbar, where it originally stood in the bay. It is a “screw-pile” design, meaning its foundation consists of piles screwed into the seabed, a feature that made it suitable for the shallow waters of the sandbar. This red, cylindrical structure stands 40 feet tall and is constructed from wrought iron, giving it a distinct and striking appearance.

For over 130 years, the Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse guided mariners and ships passing through the bay. In 1988, however, it was decommissioned due to the construction of a new navigational aid nearby. To preserve this historic structure, it was carefully dismantled and transported by barge to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, where it has resided ever since.

Today, the Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse is an integral part of the Baltimore Maritime Museum and is open for public tours. Visitors can explore the lighthouse’s interior, learn about its history, and gain insight into the lives of the keepers who once maintained it. The lighthouse provides a unique vantage point for taking photographs of the Inner Harbor and offers a glimpse into the maritime heritage of Baltimore and the Chesapeake Bay.

This picturesque lighthouse has become a symbol of Baltimore’s rich maritime history and serves as a reminder of the vital role lighthouses played in ensuring safe passage for countless vessels throughout the years.

(Balitmore, Maryland, USA)