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Sauer Castle-Photo by FatherStorm
Sauer Castle was once home to five generations of the Sauer family. The Italianate Villa-style mansion is rumoured to be haunted and appears semi-abandoned. However, the property is maintained, and it is critical not to trespass on the property. Photographers can easily photograph the Sauer Castle from the street and gates.
The home is a stunning example of a Victorian mansion and is easily one of the most spooky-looking buildings in the United States. This has made it a popular destination for photographers and urban explorers. Built in 1871 by Anton Sauer right along the Shawnee Indian trail that was part of the old Santa Fe Trail that many wagons passed. Successive generations lived in the home with it passing out of the family in 1955.
The new owner, Paul Berry, bought the house and lived in the mansion until his death in December 1986. Eventually, Carl Lopp, the great, great-grandson of Anthony Sauer purchased the house with the intention of renovating it, but the costs were deemed too high, and as of 2022 the house was put up for sale. The home is rumoured to be the scene of a grisly family murder (unverified) that has made it a popular target for vandals and looters. There is a large fence around the property, and time will tell what becomes of this iconic Kansas City property.
(Kansas City, Kansas, USA)