Cottonwood Falls | Kansas Photo Spot

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Cottonwood Falls Waterfall-Photo by Vincent Parsons

The Cottonwood Falls Waterfall, nestled within the small town of Cottonwood Falls in Kansas, is a picturesque waterfall that provides a tranquil setting for photographers. Although not towering in height, the waterfall’s beauty lies in its peaceful surroundings and the gentle, cascading flow of the Cottonwood River. The waterfall is especially stunning in the spring and early summer, when the surrounding foliage is lush and the flow of the river is at its peak. Nearby, the historic Chase County Courthouse, the oldest operating courthouse in Kansas, adds an element of architectural interest to the scene, offering a compelling contrast of nature and man-made design. With the soothing sounds of the waterfall as a backdrop, photographers can capture the essence of Kansas’ unspoiled beauty at Cottonwood Falls.

(Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, USA)