Shoshone Falls by Ryan Fish (Idaho Photo Spot)

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Shoshone Falls-Photo by Ryan Fish

The Shoshone Waterfalls just outside Twin Falls, Idaho, are stunning. At a soaring 212 feet, these waterfalls are officially taller than Niagara Falls. For this reason, Shoshone Falls has earned the nickname Niagara of the West. The falls are part of the Snake River. The Snake River carves its way through the basalt rock of the region on its way to the Columbia and is part of one of America’s major waterways.

At certain times of the year, the Shoshone falls are at their best. Water flow over the falls peaks in the Spring and reduces to a tricky in the late summer and winter. The Shoshone Falls dry up partly because the water is diverted during these months for irrigation and to refill a reservoir system upstream. In the spring months, however, the falls are fantastic.

Photographing the falls is very straightforward. There is a well-placed overlook that makes shooting the Shoshone Falls a breeze. Located in Shoshone Falls Park, you will have to pay for parking, but the prices are pretty reasonable.

As well, paddleboarders and kayakers often frequent the base of the falls, making their way from a portage point at Pillar Falls about 2 kilometres (1.4 miles) downriver. The trailhead for this portage point is at 42.592040972211116, -114.43467830003326. For the true adventurer, this offers a fantastic photo opportunity where you can put your companions in the foreground to capture the scale of the falls from the bottom.

Even if you are not the sort of photographer to paddle upriver to take a picture, the mist created by the Shoshone Falls at their peak creates a beautiful atmosphere and occasional rainbows. Whatever type of photographer you are, the Shoshone Falls are a fantastic photo location and a true must-visit for your Idaho photography bucket list. (Twin Falls, Idaho, USA)

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