Route 66 Abandoned Car | Arizona Photo Spot

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Abandoned 1932 Studebaker on Route 66 | Photo by Matt Kieffer
Abandoned 1932 Studebaker on Route 66 | Photo by Matt Kieffer

A 1932 Studebaker sits in rusty glory where Route 66 once passed through Arizona’s Painted Desert. The abandoned car is part of the Route 66 Exhibit and is a popular spot for photographers to stop and take a photo of the old car. Added in 2006, the exhibit has a sign nearby that reads:

You are standing near old Route 66. The line of the roadbed and the telephone poles in front of you mark the path of the famous “Main Street of America” as it passed through Petrified Forest National Park. From Chicago to Los Angeles, this heavily travelled highway was not only a road, it stood as a symbol of opportunity, adventure, and exploration to travellers.

The 1932 Studebaker was donated to the National Park Service by Frank and Rhonda Dobell, owners of Arizona Automotive Service in Holbrook, Arizona. The old car rests on cement blocks and is ideally placed for great photos. There is a pullout on Petrified Forest Road to get to the old car. Visitors should take exit 311 off the modern US Rte 66. The abandoned Studebaker can be found approx 2 miles down the Petrified Forest Road just before it loops back as an overpass. There is also a pull-off just in front of the 1932 Studebaker that makes it easy to park and take photos.

(Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona, USA)