Havasu Falls by Evan Sanchez (Arizona Photo Spot)

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Havasu Falls by Evan Sanchez
One of the most stunning waterfalls in North America, the Havasu falls are known for the colour contrast of its deep turquoise pool, rich orange rock cliffs, and lush green foliage. Water from the Havasu creek spills over the edge of the cliff from a height of 100 feet, and the calcium carbonate of the water is responsible for the pool’s colour and the travertine buildup. This desert oasis is not easy to get to, however. Located about 4 hours west of the Grand Canyon, the Havasu Falls are accessible only by foot, and at the end of an 8-10 mile hike. As well, the falls are located on the Havasupai reservation who limits access to the waterfall. Reservations and visit permits must be obtained in advance and ordered online. There are many other waterfalls on the way to Havasu Falls; however, none are as spectacular as this one. (Supai, Arizona)

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