DeSoto Falls by Loc Giang (Alabama Photo Spot)

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DeSoto Falls-Photo by Loc Giang
DeSoto Falls is an impressive 100+ foot waterfall that makes its way down several terraces to an open cliff-lined basin. The falls commence at the historic A. A. Miller Dam and cascade down over the rocks in smaller but equally beautiful waterfalls before plunging over the edge into a wide basin. The DeSoto Falls are part of the DeSoto State Park on Lookout Mountain. They are most accessible from the end of DeSoto Falls road, and there is a nice picnic area where visitors can view the upper part of the waterfall. Some trails make their way through the woods to get to the falls and the lower basin. The trailhead is further up DeSoto Falls road and is about a 2-mile hike to get to the falls. (Mentone, Alabama, USA)