Luskville Falls by Shawn M Kent (Quebec Photo Spot)

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Luskville Falls-Photo by Shawn M. Kent

Ascend the Luskville Falls Trail to discover an impressive hidden gem waterfall. Cascading down steep rocky cliffs on the outskirts of Gatineau Park, this nature trail is well worth the trip. Found just off Highway 148, about a half-hour from the cities of Ottawa and Gatineau, this recreational area has ample parking. Luskville Falls park is a popular day trip for folks from the National Capital Region. Be prepared for a work-out as well as the trial up to the Luskville falls is steep but well maintained. The hike to the falls is relatively short, requiring about 10 minutes of climbing. If you’re in excellent shape, you can continue to climb up the Luskville Falls Trail to discover expansive views of the surrounding countryside at the Luskvill Lookout, a rocky opening in the treeline. While it may look like a short hike to the Lookout, the elevation can make it a challenge.

If you plan to photograph the falls, know that the Luskville Falls are best in the spring as the snow higher up the mountain melts. The falls will reduce a trickle in the drier months. Also, expect a fair number of other hikers at these times of the year, but aside from having to make room on the trails, it doesn’t interfere with taking photos of the falls.

(Luskville, Quebec, Canada)

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