Wood Mausoleum by Shawn M. Kent (Ontario Photo Spot)

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Wood Mausoleum - Photo by Shawn M. Kent
The final resting place of prominent businessman Alexander Wood (Aug. 16, 1823 – Jan. 27, 1895) and his family, holding 12 tombs. The mausoleum was actively in use from 1895 to 1932 when Lieutenant Donald J. Wood (a veteran of WWI) was the last to be interned within it. Alexander Wood was a partner of the Frost & Wood Company of Smith Falls, one of the largest manufacturers of farm implements in Canada. The name “Frost & Wood” was known worldwide for producing durable, reliable, and the most technologically advanced machinery of its time. During World War II, Frost & Wood was the largest munitions manufacturer in Eastern Ontario, producing hundreds of thousands of hand grenades and artillery shells. The Frost & Wood Company was founded in 1839 by partners Ebenezer Frost and Alexander Wood and was the largest employer in Smiths Falls. Frost & Wood would eventually be purchased as a subsidiary of Cockshutt Plow Company. The factory in Smith Falls would eventually cease operations in 1955. (Smith Falls, Ontario, Canada)

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