John Watts & Sons Carriage Factory by Shawn M. Kent (Ontario Photo Spot)

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John Watts & Sons Carriage Factory - Photo by Shawn M. Kent
John Watts & Sons Carriage Factory was established in about 1837. It was one of several carriage works all along the Rideau corridor in the 1800s. Originally owned Robert G. Eastman who started off at Easton’s Corners in the 1850s, but soon moved to Merrickville and by 1871 was running a shop employing five men to make wagons, buggies, cutters, sleighs and the like products. His carriage factory in Easton’s Corners was taken over by John Watts and Sons who continued to operate into the 20th century. Their carriage shop was restored as an antique shop but has since been abandoned. (Easton’s Corners, Merrickville, Ontario, Canada)

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