Hogs Back Falls by Shawn Kent (Ontario Photo Spot)

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Hogs Back Falls-Photo by Shawn M. Kent

About Hog’s Back Falls

Officially known as the Prince of Wales, the locals rarely call Hog’s Back Falls by their official name. However, locals know it as Hog’s Back Falls, and it has had this monicker since it was a gentle set of rapids along the Rideau River. Hog’s Back Falls is a series of waterfalls along the river found in a popular Ottawa park called, appropriately enough, Hog’s Back Park. You can find the falls just off Hog’s Back Road, where the Rideau River and the Rideau Canal diverge.

Hogs Back Falls resulted from civil engineering and were created when a dam was placed here by Colonel John By to help divert water for the Rideau Canal, and initially, the falls were a gentle set of rapids. However, the result of this civil engineering created one of the most dynamic and powerful waterfalls in the Ottawa area.

Photographing Hog’s Back Falls

Photographing Hog’s Back falls is easy enough given the well-maintained parklands around it. However, most of the best views are along the Western side of the falls or from the lookouts in Hog’s Back Park. Therefore, photographers will probably prefer to head further up the Rideau River and shoot up the gorge. However, do not stray beyond the park’s rails, as there are hefty fines for the foolish photographer who ignores the safety railings.

When photographing the falls, it can be a real challenge to find a good angle given the restricted areas, but a determined photographer will find some lovely views. The local foliage also comes alive with bright colours in the fall, and it is one of the best times of year to shoot at Hog’s Back Falls.

Finally, as with any waterfall, an extended exposure that drags the shutter will create a silky smooth appearance to the waterfall. To achieve this, photographers should use a tripod and neutral density filter.

{Ottawa, Ontario, Canada}