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Gibraltar Point Lighthouse-Photo by veggiefrog
Gibraltar Point Lighthouse-Photo by veggiefrog

Gibraltar Point Lighthouse is the oldest lighthouse on the Great Lakes and the second oldest lighthouse in Canada. But, it is perhaps better known for the morbid tale of a murder that took place here. This ghost story has haunted the children of Toronto, and hearing the fanciful tale is a frequent rite of passage for local school trips to the lighthouse. The lighthouse was built in 1808 and was there in 1813 during the Battle of York. American troops invading York caused mayhem and destruction over a few years. The Gibraltar Point Lighthouse keeper,  J.P. Rademuller was a casualty of this war. While authorities never uncovered the exact circumstances of his death, the fact remains that he disappeared one night, never to be seen again.

The story goes that on January 2nd, 1815, two American soldiers visited the lighthouse to buy some beer made by Rademuller, a German immigrant who also brewed beer and kept the lighthouse running. Having purchased their brews, the Americans went to enjoy them when they noticed that the beer was freezing in the harsh Canadian winter. Believing that this was a sign that the beer they had been sold had a low alcohol content, they returned to the lighthouse to confront Rademuller. A dispute ensued, and in the end, Rademuller was killed.

The Americans, attempting to hide their crimes, reputedly dismembered the lighthouse keeper in various parts, buried in shallow graves around the Gibraltar Point Lighthouse. While Rademullers remains were never found, the legend persists to this day, and it is said that his ghost still haunts the grounds and the lighthouse.

Today, the Gibraltar Point lighthouse is no longer used but is set in a lovely forest setting and is well maintained.

(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)