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Lunenburg Academy-Photo by Shawn M. Kent
Lunenburg Academy-Photo by Shawn M. Kent

Lunenburg Academy is a historic three-storey school building that once served as the primary and secondary school for the children of Lunenburg from 1895 to 1966, when it became a dedicated primary school. The academy served as a primary school until 2012, when maintenance costs forced the local school board to sell the building to the local town. Since then, Lunenburg Academy has undergone ongoing restoration to convert it to a mixed-use facility. The Lunenburg Academy Foundation works to preserve the beautiful building.

Lunenburg Academy stands atop Gallow’s Hill in Lunenburg and is a beautiful example of late Victorian Second Empire architectural design. The building is white with black trim, and the bright red roof makes it a fantastic photography subject.

(Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada)