Cape Split Beach | Nova Scotia Photo Spot

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Cape Split Nova Scotia - Photo by Shawn M. Kent
Cape Split Nova Scotia - Photo by Shawn M. Kent

Cape Split is home to some beautiful geological formations and is one of the reasons that we created the PIXEO app. Little known by tourists, this location is popular among the locals. The view of the geological formations is at the end of a 6km hike. You can see the stunning rocks of Cape Split from the top of cliffs (BE CAREFUL!!!), and do not attempt to go down here.

Adventurous photographers can find the Little Split Cove trailhead at 45.330117, -64.486450. This “trail” will take you to a place where a rope will assist those brave enough to scramble down the bluff to the rock-strewn beach. Heading to the north on this beach will take you to a photo spot that we think is the best place to take photos of Cape Split.

The beach itself is rocky and difficult to walk across. Once down at the beach, be careful and know the tide schedule. You can and will be trapped if you do not plan. We strongly recommend that you do not go alone if you intend to make your way down to the beach, so you have someone to watch the tides for you. Also, remember that the waves at the Bay of Fundy are the fastest in the world, and what may seem like enough time to get back to the trailhead and off the beach may not be enough. Plan a 15-20 minute return to the trailhead. (Cape Split, Nova Scotia, Canada)