Churchill Inukshuk by Lee Coursey (Manitoba Photo Spot)

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Churchill Inukshuk - Photo by Lee Coursey
Located behind the Churchill Town Complex stands an impressive Inukshuk (Inuksuk) looking out over Hudon’s Bay and highlighting the Churchill waterfront. The Inukshuk has become a symbol of Canada and Canada’s North. An Inuit word, Inukshuk means “in the likeness of a human” and was used by the indigenous peoples of Canada’s North and other arctic peoples as a marker and beacon. Their primary use in indigenous culture indicated that someone had been there previously or that those following were on the right path. Hunter’s also would use them to mark good fishing or hunting locations in Canada’s barren north. Inukshuks can also be used to represent a place of reverence or memorialize a loved one. This particular Inukshuk honours the region’s indigenous history and is a common symbol used to describe Churchill. (Churchill, Manitoba, Canada)

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