Middle Joffre Lake by Kym Ellis (British Columbia Photo Spot)

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Middle Joffre Lake - Photo by Kym Ellis
Middle Joffre Lake is a small alpine lake with turquoise water, breathtaking views, and majestic glacier-laden peaks towering high above. It is part of a trio of glacial lakes that are fed by the Matier Glacier sitting along the Joffre Lakes Trail with each lake is more breathtaking than the previous. The two to three hour long hike to Upper Joffre Lake commences from a parking lot that are located minutes away from Lower Joffre Lake. From Lower Joffre Lake, you will hike past creek crossings, a raging waterfall and several viewpoints to first reach Middle Joffre Lake and finally Upper Joffre Lake. (Joffre Lakes Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada)

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