Warden Lake Trail by Sheila Sund (Alberta Photo Spot)

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Warden Lake Trail - Photo by Sheila Sund

Warden Lake Trail is a peaceful trail that features wide open views of the North Saskatchewan River and the surrounding peaks. The area is an excellent example of the ecological change brought after the wildfires of 2014. Fireweed grows in a spectacular purple carpet among the standing tree trunks, benefiting from the recycled nutrients and open canopy. Part of the trail follows alongside the North Saskatchewan River, its cloudy turquoise waters creating different braided channels with the rush of glacial meltwater. Across the river, the slopes of Mt Wilson (3261m) remain untouched by fire, creating a stark contrast. This is an excellent hike for the evenings. It’s short and relaxing, with plenty of opportunities to listen for amphibians and birds, or even catch a glimpse of a deer or moose grazing along the shores of the North Saskatchewan. (Saskatchewan River Crossing, Alberta, Canada)

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