Swirling Mist Falls by Michael Olsen (Alberta Photo Spot)

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Swirling Mist Falls - Photo by Michael Olsen

Swirling Mist Falls is an incredible plunging waterfall set in a rugged mountain valley. The falls are accessible along the Crypt Lake Trail, a 13-mile trail that is a great opportunity to get a good workout while seeing some beautiful and diverse nature. Uniquely the only way to access the trailhead is by ferry.  Tickets for the ferry are available at the marina and may sell out, so it is best to arrive early to purchase tickets. Pay close attention to the pick-up times for your return to town after hiking – if you miss the last scheduled pick-up of the day, there will be no more ferries coming until the following morning and you will have to camp for the night. There is a great trail description here — www.alltrails.com/trail/canada/alberta/crypt-lake-trail-loop (Waterton National Park, Alberta, Canada)

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