Nassau Lighthouse by Vincent Lock (Bahamas Photo Spot)

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Nassau Harbour Lighthouse - Photo by Vincent Lock
Photographers can discover the lovely abandoned Nassau lighthouse on the Western tip of Paradise Island. It is just down the beach from the famous Atlantis hotel. Nassau Lighthouse is the oldest lighthouse in the Bahamas and may also be the oldest in the West Indies. The light was erected in 1817 and was once known as Hog Island Lighthouse as Paradise Island, which once was known as Hog Island when it was largely uninhabited. Getting to the lighthouse is more of a hike than it first appears. Getting to the lighthouse will require climbing over rocks, so proper footwear is essential. Leaving the Atlantis hotel, you will pass a few abandoned houses and come to a low green gate. From there, follow a dirt path through the brush, which will put you back on the beach. The walk is about 2 miles over uneven terrain and will be slow going because of the sharp rocks. The lighthouse is open, but visitors should be careful as it is not maintained, and the photos are best from the exterior anyway. An excellent place for sunset or sunrise lighthouse photography in the Bahamas. (Nassau, Bahamas)

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