Al Madam Ghost Village | UAE Photo Spot

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Al Madam Ghost Village-Photo by  Yuliya Pankevich
Al Madam Ghost Village-Photo by Yuliya Pankevich
The Al Madam Ghost Village is a unique little group of buildings that are slowly being re-claimed by the surrounding dunes. According to the locals, the history of this perplexing ghost town near Dubai is not known. All that anyone seems to know is that the village was constructed sometime around 1970. One theory is that the village could have been a part of the Sha’bi housing project by the UAE government which endeavored to provide the Bedouin population with well-constructed settlements. But considering the current state of the village, it seems like things didn’t go to plan. Some locals attribute the abandonment to the lack of infrastructure and electricity. (Sharjah – United Arab Emirates)