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Pudcherry Lighthouse Stairs-Photo by Faris Mohammed
Pudcherry Lighthouse Stairs-Photo by Faris Mohammed

The Puducherry Lighthouse, located in India, is a remarkable and distinctive subject for photographers seeking to capture both its unique architectural design and breathtaking views. Built in the 1970s, the monochrome striped lighthouse boasts a striking hexagonal shape, setting it apart from more traditional lighthouse structures.

Perhaps the most stunning feature of this edifice is the elegant spiral staircase that winds its way up the interior, offering a dynamic and captivating subject for photographers to explore. Climbing the internal steps rewards visitors with unparalleled beach and city views, providing a perfect backdrop for a variety of photographic compositions. The Puducherry Lighthouse, with its singular design and impressive vantage point, is an inspiring destination for photographers looking to showcase the beauty and allure of this architectural marvel in the heart of India.

(Pudcherry, India)