Duke of Lancaster Shipwreck by Hefin Owen (Wales Photo Spot)

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Duke of Lancaster Shipwreck-Photo by Hefin Owen

History of the Duke of Lancaster Shipwreck

Originally a railway steamer and then a vehicle ferry, the TSS Duke of Lancaster is a stunning shipwreck in Flintshire County, Wales. In 1955, the ship operated as a passenger ferry between Lancashire, England and Belfast, Ireland. It also served as a cruise ship offering short European Tours for a period.

In the late seventies, the ship was beached, where it became known as the “Fun Ship” and featured arcades and other leisure activities. Sadly the new ship owners and the local council became involved in protracted legal battles, and the new owners walked away. However, there are still 50 arcade machines sealed inside the ship, frozen in time.

The ship became a popular location with graffiti artists for a time until painted from white to black for a BMW car commercial. Today, the owners are trying to revive the fun ship and open the top decks for a unique bar with a scenic view. Festivals and other activities are ongoing to restore the Duke of Lancaster and make it a popular tourist destination.

How to Find the Duke of Lancaster Shipwreck

The Duke of Lancaster is found just outside the village of Holywell in Wales. Continue down the A548 until you come across the FunShip Market, signified by a large parking area with blue and white buildings. Near here, photographers can find a nice walking trail to take them out to the ship. The market itself is open with free parking on Sundays.

Photographing the Duke of Lancaster

The Duke of Lancaster is wonderful to photograph because of its unique location. Be sure to bring a tripod and be careful on the slippery rocks. Shooting up the red-painted anchor chain is a popular angle, and given its north-south placement, it can be a fantastic spot for sunset and sunrise photography. We recommend packing a polarizing filter to reduce ocean glare and maximize contrast and detail in the clouds. Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, the ship is off-limits for exploring inside.

(Llanerch-y-Mor, Holywell, Wales, United Kingdom)

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