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Gearrannan Blackhouse Village-Photo by Sonse
Gearrannan Blackhouse Village-Photo by Sonse

Nestled on the hillside, close to a quiet inlet, stands the Gearrannan Blackhouse Village. The village is home to roughly ten traditional blackhouses. Blackhouses are homes made from locally sourced stone with thatch roofs. The stone cottages date from the 1800s and are partially built into the ground to protect them from the ravages of North Atlantic storms and were once home to the people of the Outer Hebrides who farmed and worked these lands. The last Gearrannan Blackhouse Village inhabitants left their homes in the 1970s, and the small cluster of homes today is part of the National Trust. The houses now serve as a tourist location where guests can stay overnight. The place is a fantastic snapshot in time of a traditional Scottish Outer Hebrides village for photographers. You can find more info on staying overnight on the Gearrannan Blackhouse Village Website.

(Garenin, Isle of Lewis, United Kingdom)

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