Govan Abandoned Pump House by Morgan Moments Photography (Scotland Photo Spot)

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Govan Abandoned Pump House - Photo by Morgan Moments Photography

At the Govan Dry Docks sits a disused and long-abandoned Victoria-era pump house. Reminiscent of an era when shipbuilding was a primary industry here, the dry docks would pump water out of nearby berths to facilitate repairs to ships in the area. Three dry-docks were built here in Govan between 1869 and 1898. When in operation, ships would sail into position, a large gate would close the docks off from the river, and then water would be pumped out using pump houses like this one.

Once emptied, workers could easily make their way under these ships and effect repairs. The pump house remained in use until the docks were abandoned in 1988. Today the abandoned pump house is one of the last complete remnants of this earlier time. The old pumphouse sits perched near the water, and the result is a delightful photo spot, especially at night. Unfortunately, the site is not maintained, and the interior is overrun by nature since the roof has mostly rotted away. Even though the site is mostly accessible, photographers are reminded to use extra care and caution when visiting the site.

(Govan, Scotland, United Kingdom)

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