Kilcoe Castle by Mike Searle (Ireland Photo Spot)

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Kilcoe Castle - Photo by Mike Searle

Kilcoe Castle History

The clan of Dermod MacCarthy built two adjoining castle towers on a small rocky island on the coast of Ireland around 1450. Named Kilcoe castle, the imposing structure served as a defence from nearby Roaringwater Bay with surrounding waters that were too shallow to permit ships to get close. In the 16th century, Kilcoe castle famously was the only castle in West Cork to hold out against the English forces. The English were first to return on foot, and only after a protracted siege did the English successfully take the castle in 1603.

Kilcoe Castle Today

After being vacated in 1640, the castle gradually fell to ruin. However, in 1998 famous British actor Jeremy Irons bought the castle and began an extensive renovation. Taking six years and costing over one million euros, the renovation converted the defensive structure into a home. It is now the private residence of Jeremy Irons and his family. The castle is painted a terracotta colour and is one of the more interesting castles in the region to photograph.

Photographing Kilcoe Castle

As it is now a private residence, Kilcoe Castle can only be photographed from a distance. Thankfully its tall spires and remote location make it possible to park along the side of the road and go for a stroll to capture photos of it. So please be respectful if you visit and enjoy the gorgeous beauty of this restored ancient landmark.

(Cork, Ireland)

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