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Whorton Old Church-Photo by Davy Major
Whorton Old Church-Photo by Davy Major

Whorton Old Church is the ruins of a medieval church hidden in a grove of Yew trees outside Swainby village. Once a thriving medieval town, Whorlton was home to a castle and church built in the 11th century that supported the Whorlton community. The reason the community disappeared and the castle and church were deserted has long been forgotten. No one knows why the villagers that once frequented this church left it to the ravages of time. Some speculate that it was the bubonic plague, and others guess that the nearby village of Swainby drew the villagers away to a more convenient location for its developing mining industry. Whatever the reason, the last service was held here in 1875, and since that time, it has gradually fallen into ruin.

Today the stunning arches of the naive remain and the bell tower and chancel. Photographically speaking, it is a beautiful ruin to photograph, and while close to the Whorlton Castle ruins, it is the more photogenic of the two. Don’t forget to explore the remains of the ancient graveyard, which is still used to this day.

(Northallerton, England, United Kingdom)

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