Hill Garden and Pergola by Alekon Pictures (England Photo Spot)

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Hill Garden and Pergola by Alekon Pictures

Located in the Northwest of the city of London, The Hill Garden and Pergola are a hidden gem in the city that must be seen to be believed. Spectacular at any season the run-down atmosphere in the fall and winter months offer its own charms, and naturally, the gardens are full of splendour in the spring and summer. Commissioned in the early 1900s by Lord Leverhulme the gardens were intended to be a place to hold fancy dinner parties and other festivities for the upper ruling class of London at the time. Today visitors can tour the gardens for a fee and it is a popular spot for wedding photographers. Permits are required for elaborate photoshoots but a casual wander through with a camera around your neck shouldn’t be a problem. (London, England)

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