Deal Pier View by Dario Canada (England Photo Spot)

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Deal Pier - Photo by Dario Canada

The Deal Pier is the last remaining fully intact leisure pier in Kent. The seafront at Deal has been adorned with three separate piers in the town’s history. The first was a wooden structure built in 1838 that was destroyed in an 1857 gale. It was replaced by an iron pier in 1864 that survived until the Second World War, when it was struck and severely damaged by a Dutch ship, the Nora, in January 1940. The current pier opened in 1957 and is constructed predominantly from concrete-clad steel and ends in a three-tiered pier-head, featuring a cafe, bar, lounge, and fishing decks. The lowest of the three tiers is underwater at all but the lowest part of the tidal range. (Deal, England)

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