Carlton Marshes by Ryan Grice (England Photo Spot)

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Carlton Marshes by Ryan Grice

Carlton Marshes Nature Reserve is made up of an amazing jigsaw of grazing marsh, fens, peat pools, short fen meadow, tall fen, dykes, pools and scrub. Mostly man-made, these habitats have developed over hundreds of years of traditional management and now host specialized wildlife. Flower studded marshes drained by a system of dykes and grazed by cattle in summer, creates a paradise for marsh land birds and birds of prey including Hobby and Marsh Harrier. In early summer there is a fabulous display of Southern Marsh Orchid, Marsh Marigold and Ragged-Robin, together with the scarcer Bogbean, Bog Pimpernel and Marsh Cinquefoil. (Lowestoft, England)

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