Abandoned Herne Bay Pier by Jack B (England Photo Spot)

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Abandoned Herne Bay Pier - Photo by Jack B
This abandoned section of the Herne Bay pier sits well offshore slowly falling into ruins. When the pier was completed in 1899 the whole pier stretched out 3,787 feet out into the sea with an intricate tram system. The end of the pier was used as a steam ferry terminal.
During the Second World War the pier was used as a base by the army. The ferry terminal at the end of the pier was used to load steamers that had been recommissioned for military work. In January 1978 a massive storm caused extensive damage to the pier’s structure causing the central portion to collapse.
The pier’s great head was too strong to be destroyed however so it was left to slowly rot away in the sea. Since the abandoned portion of the pier sits well offshore, it is an ideal location to experiment with drone photography. (Herne Bay, England)

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