Zinal Glacier by Damien Schnorhk (Switzerland Photo Spot)

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Zinal Glacier - Photo by Damien Schnorhk

The Zinal glacier is born from the junction of three other glaciers: Grand Cornier, Durant and Mountet. It extends over 7 km, between 2100 and 3450 meters above sea level. The Zinal glacier is receding, like most glaciers in the Alps, at a rate of about ten meters per year. The caves, which are located at the front of the glacier tongue, were discovered in 1996 by the guide Stéphane Albasini. As the glacier is in perpetual motion, the caves are unique to each visit. Depending on the year, these caves can reach a depth of up to 200 meters. The caves are only accessible in winter, when the glacier is not melting much. (Zinal, Ayer, Switzerland)

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