Älgafallet by Pär Ohlson (Sweden Photo Spot)

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Älgafallet by Pär Ohlson
Älgafallet (Elgåfossen) is Bohuslän County’s biggest and highest waterfall. The river that feeds the fall is the border between Sweden and Norway. The trail is a part of the Bohusleden Trail that covers over 200 mi of wilderness with a variety of different terrains. There are two access points for this waterfall – in Sweden you can explore the waterfall from the top and in Norway you can explore the waterfall from the bottom. (Cross the border at Vassbotten and drive 1 km. to where you will find a nice parking place.) This shooting location is especially photogenic in the winter when the falls freeze and in the spring/autumn when the falls can be quite powerful. (Vassbotten, Sweden)

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