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Torrent de Pareis by Biel Morro
Torrent de Pareis by Biel Morro

Torrent de Pareis is a beautiful riverbed you can hike during the dry months in Mallorca. It follows a deep canyon some 5 km long starting from the Lluc area at the heart of the Serra de Tramuntana all the way to the sea, opening on a beautiful sandy beach in the bay of Sa Calobra. The sheer cliffs that define the gorge are so tall and steep that there are no easy exits from the canyon anywhere along the way. During the best periods (March to June and September to November) the canyon can be very busy so you may want to plan to hike early in the day to avoid having too many other hikers in your shots (plus the afternoon can get very hot!).

(Sa Calobra, Spain)

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